CoPaCC’s first birthday – could do better?

It’s difficult to say exactly when CoPaCC was born. The first CoPaCC Report covered PCCs’ activity during March 2013, but the idea of “Comparing PCCs, sharing best practice” predates that. Whatever her (or his) precise date of birth, it’s certainly true that CoPaCC is now – roughly – one year old.

This first anniversary is a good time, as a “proud parent”, to reflect. Not just on the journey so far, but on what might lie ahead – and how best to prepare for the future – comparing PCCs and sharing best practice.

The headlines of the journey so far. Undoubtedly a “WOW” was the week in which the first few CoPaCC Report subscribers signed up for something that was then not that much more than “an idea sketched out on the back of an envelope”. Also memorable… The meetings around three months later where every one of those early subscribers said something along the lines of “great job so far – keep it up”. The first CoPaCC Conference, attended by around 70 delegates, with four great speakers and a great deal of constructive discussion and debate. Preparation of the first CoPaCC Thematic – and subsequent presentation of the first CoPaCC Awards. Increasing press interest.  The invitation to provide oral evidence to the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee – and the Home Affairs Select Committee meeting itself – including a suggestion from the Chairman that CoPaCC host the “PCC Register of Interests”. Fantastic and growing support throughout from other CoPaCC Team members – with a special mention for (and thanks to) Jon Harvey.  (And those are JUST the headlines).

What might lie ahead. Every week, the list of CoPaCC Report subscribers grows. Plus, we’re currently undertaking a further Thematic – on “PCCs and Public Engagement. We’re also now looking to recruit further to the CoPaCC Team – let us know if you think you fit the bill! And we have some really exciting ideas for how we develop further in what we do – looking to improve all the time. We’ll be saying more about some of these developments in the coming weeks.

How best to prepare for the future. Our team have given a lot of thought to how we prepare for the future. And (as mentioned) we’ll soon be saying more about some new CoPaCC developments. However, we know that the CoPaCC team won’t have the monopoly on the best ideas for “comparing PCCs, sharing best practice”. That next “great idea” for comparing PCCs and sharing best practice could very well come from a thought triggered by YOU.

And this is why we’d really appreciate your thoughts and comments. On how CoPaCC has done in this first year (and how we could have done better). On what we should be looking to do in Year Two and beyond. And maybe on what other conversations we should be having – whether with individuals or organisations. Do feel free to tell us how we’re doing – and how we can do better still…


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2 responses to “CoPaCC’s first birthday – could do better?

  1. John Kenny

    Dear Bernard, Any chance of using your influence to find out what David Blunkett is actually doing about comparing the performances of the 43 forces? The delay in implementing this obvious mind – concentrating management tool must be costing the taxpayer a fortune, Good luck, John Kenny

    Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2014 10:02:48 +0000 To:

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